Thursday, June 04, 2015

Yuri and Sooyoung on a photoshoot

On June 3rd, Sooyoung and Yuri are spotted on a photoshoot. 

And according to the owner of the photos, the two members of Girls' Generation are having their graduation photo taken at the ground of ChungAng University.

Sooyoung and Yuri are both attending the said University with the courses under the Department of Theatre & Film, Class of '09 and Department of Theatre, Class of '10, respectively. They were also recognized as ChungAng University Ambassadors.

They are not the first members of Girls' Generations to graduate or studied in a University. Seohyun and YoonA also studied in Dongguk University and also donned their graduation photos. Seohyun first graduated last August 21, 2014 majoring in Theatre. YoonA graduated last February 24 of this year under the major of Theatre and Cinema. And like Sooyoung and Yuri, the two were also appointed as ambassadors in their University through their efforts and contributions.

These Girls are taking step further in their career and pursues higher goals aside from being an idol which also gives inspiration to the other students and celebrities.

And if the news about them graduating happens to be true, we SONEs would like to congratulate them in advance and feel proud about their achievements.

Credits and Photos by Shi_H-an

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