Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Congratulations to Yoona as she graduates from Dongguk University

On February 24th, Yoona graduated from Dongguk University and attended a graduation ceremony at the school, where she has studied theater since 2009. 

Yoona also received a Lifetime Achievement Award for her contributions to the university, an award that Seohyun received as well when she graduated in August of last year. She previously receieved awards for her contributions at the university, amongst others from the Minister of Culture, Sports, and Tourism Award in 2010, and an award form the ministry for ‘Exemplary Behavior and Active Outreach’ in 2011.

While enrolled as a student in Dongguk University, Yoona balanced her education with her busy idol life, attending school while also acting in dramas and promoting with Girls’ Generation in Korea and abroad. For her efforts, she was appointed as an ambassador for the school with Seohyun and other alumni last September.

Fans also celebrate the idol’s graduation by congratulating her through Twitter complete with hashtag, #HappyGraduationDayYoona.

They also sent a variety of bouquets to the university, to congratulate her. “To our precious Yoona, congratulations so proud of you #HappyGraduationDayYoonA,” a fan wrote.

(From left to right)
Lovely, proud of, and so strong,
let us call this Lim Yoona.
Coz you're amazing just the way YOONA♥
Surprisingly high-educated group Girls' Generation
congratulates 2nd to last baby's graduation

In addition to this happy news, the Korean media is fangirling over the fact that YoonA is now a Dongguk alumnus just like her bae Lee Seung Gi. The fairytale-like couple can now add 'Dongguk couple' or 'Dongguk cuties' to their list of nicknames.

Kidding aside, congratulations YoonA!

Source of the article: Soshified; ttwigo; AllKPop
Credits to videos: (1&2) 수원막걸리; (3) SSTVnews

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