Friday, November 29, 2013


GIRLS' GENERATION JAPAN 3rd TOUR 2014 'LOVE&PEACE' will be held from April 26th 2014 - June 29th in 6 Cities. in addition there will be "LOVE&PEACE" Free Live Show on Dec 14th at Yokohama Arena (ticket by lottery)
1. April 26-27th : Fukuoka Marine Messe
2. May 6-7th : Hiroshima Green Arena
3. May 24-25 : Kobe World Memorial Hall
4. June 5-6th : Nagoya Nihon Gaishi Hall
5. June 20-21st : Osaka jo Hall
6. June 28-29th : Saitama Super Arena


There are adjusted dates and added one concert venue to the schedule, so if you are planning to go, you better refer to this schedule and disregard the one posted above. 

2014 Girls'Generation Japan 3rd Tour 'Love&Peace' Schedule :
April 26-27 Fukuoka
May 6-7 Hiroshima
May 23-25 Kobe
June 5-6 Nagoya
June 19-21 Osaka
June 28-29 Saitama
July 11-13 Yoyogi

Here are the Official Goods for the Concert
GG at Yokohama (Photos)
GG at Fukuoka (Photos)
GG at Hiroshima (Photos)
GG at Kobe (Photos)
GG at Nagoya (Photos)
GG at Osaka (Photos)
GG at Saitama (Photos)
GG at Yoyogi (Photos)
See the Love & Peace Photocards 
See the Love & Peace Pamphlet 


Dylan Macalinao said...

I'm flying from the US to see the show in Nagoya. How do I get tickets?

Grace Tawing said...

Hi there,

There is no confirmed ticketing booths/agency yet... but you can try this one, although you have to wait for a couple of days or week for their confirmation whether they can pursue or not the concert arrangements.

thanks for dropping by. I will post the ticketing information if I got a reliable source.

Anonymous said...


I tried that site but its telling me that they dont supply tickets for snsd. do you know where else i can go to get tickets

Soshi Overload said...


I would like to apologize due to the lack of information I gave about the ticket sales.
At first, I thought that the tickets can be purchased from ticketing sites but I found out(just now) that the tickets are offered through lotteries. Yes... so you need to sign up to the fansites (e.g. SONE Japan) to have the tickets... Plus, you will need to buy the Album to sign-up.

The fanclub acceptance were already closed and had the lottery last December.
See this site to understand what I'm talking about ( If you can't read Japanese just try copying the URL to the search box then put "translate" and with that, the page can be translated.

Here is another site ( that tells the same thing about lottery.

Because the concert is provisional that system is created.

But don't lose hope yet. Auction is another way to get tickets, but expect that some may sell the tickets in a price of double or only to the people they know.

I feel sorry about this, I should have researched more (-_-) well, thanks for dropping by and good luck!

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