Wednesday, October 01, 2014

What happened in Shenzhen Fanmeet

Several pictures were revealed of the eight members of Girls' Generation arriving at the airport for their first fan meeting in China, '2014 Girls' Generation First Fan Party "Mr.Mr" in Shenzhen.'

Weibo user Double_J_Zyy posted on September 30, "Goddesses. I welcome Girls' Generation's entry into Shenzhen," and added pictures of them in the Chinese airport. In these pictures, the girls appeared as they normally did, but what did grab attention was the image of a brightly smiling Hyoyeon having a lighthearted conversation with Yuri. 

In other pictures, the other members look weary, donning sunglasses or looking downward, so their hair covers their faces.

However, Girls’ Generation’s sorrow was seen when its eight members stood on the stage for their fan meeting event. They broke into tears after fans repeatedly shouted Jessica’s name at the event.

In a video that was uploaded by a fan, Seohyun was the first one who shed tears and looked fairly shaken when they sang “Complete”. She turned her body and wiped her tears away with a tissue. Not long after that, other members, such as, Yoona and Yuri also could not stop their tears from pouring down.

Yuri started to cry

YoonA comforting SeoHyun

Their sorrow is certainly not without a reason, especially after Jessica officially announced her departure from the group that she had been together with for 15 years. Although they have been exposed to the scandalous news, the idols remained professional in front of their fans until the end of the show.

Watch this full video of their fan meeting and notice their songs without Jessica in it. I am very much impressed to the fan chants and SONEs singing Jessica's parts and supporting the Girls. Please continue to support our Girls.

The Girls came back to Incheon.

Girls’ Generation will continue their activities with merely eight members.

Source: AllKPop; ttwigoTest Just for; Kpop GirlGroup1 for the videos; and as well as to the owners of the photos used.

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