Monday, September 29, 2014

TaeTiSeo released "Holler" Photo-toon

GIRLS' GENERATION is returning fans’ love with great results at home and abroad by getting awarded the top prize at music program in 10 days of their comeback, followed by the top of record chart and the top of Billboard World Albums chart. 
TTS – Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun~!!

All My Love is for You - Official Video

"All My Love Is for You" is a Japanese song by Girls' Generation. It was released on September 26, 2012 from their second Japanese album Girls & Peace. The music video was released on September 3, 2012 (Wikipedia).

TaeTiSeo's Message

[From. TAEYEON] 할라~

Sunday, September 28, 2014


Coinciding with the Incheon Asian Games, the inaugural K-pop Expo in Asia was held for a two-week live music expose to highlight Korean music.

Aside from having two-week sports competition, Incheon also hosted the Asia’s biggest K-pop showcase.

Girls' Generation's 'Love&Peace' Japan 3rd Tour 2014

Girls' Generation performed at Japan for a concert for the "Love & Peace Tour" in 2014.

Watch their performances here!

TaeTiSeo revealed some secrets in Guerilla Date

TaeTiSeo shared the story behind their group name and meeting with Kang Dong Won during their Guerilla Date KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay'!

When asked, "Did the three of you also come up with your group name yourselves?", Tiffany revealed, "No. I really didn't like it.

Yuri is now on Weibo!

On September 27th, Yuri revealed her Weibo account through an Instagram post

 Hello everyone I am Kwon Yuri. I have opened a Weibo account.
I am very happy to meet you all through this. I hope you all take care of yourselves [bow]

KhunFany's cute cheer for one another

The interaction between 2PM’s Nichkhun and Girls’ Generation’s Tiffany on Mnet’s music show “M!Countdown” last September 25, has become fans’ subject of gossip. 

The idols who are currently promoting their respective bands’ latest albums wee seen interacting during the end of the show.

YoonA attends the Innisfree Play Green Festival 2014

On September 27, Yoona attended Innisfree’s “Play Green Festival 2014″, held in the Seochu district of Seoul. 

Yoona attended the event with a casual look, wearing jeans and a white top as she posed for photos by the press.

TTS guests in MBC FM4U Kim ShinYoung Hope Song at Noon Radio

The Girls' Generation's sub-unit TaeTiSeo or TTS are the guest for MBC FM4U Kim ShinYoung Hope Song at Noon Radio.

A post-celebration for Hyoyeon's Birthday

miss A'sMin joined Girls' Generation's Hyoyeon for some of her birthday celebrations!

TaeTiSeo performed at KBS' Music Bank

On September 26th, Girls’ Generation – TTS performed on KBS’s “Music Bank”. 

This was the subunit’s first time appearing on “Music Bank” for this promotion cycle, and the three members sang “Adrenaline” and “Holler” from the new “Holler” mini-album. “Adrenaline” was performed in black outfits, and “Holler” was performed in white.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Let's Go (Long & Short Versions)

"Let's Go!" is the additional track that is included in the studio album of Girls' Generation's self-titled Album "Girls' Generation" in 2007.

The song Into the New World actually marked the start of the generation and stardom of the So Nyuh Shi Dae and because of the dance choreography and lively beat, it made its way to popularity. 

And in "Let's Go", all the songs in the album is compiled into one. There is also a Long and Short versions.

Boomerang - Song

Thursday, September 25, 2014

TTS on KBS Cool FM

Girls' Generation's sub-unit TaeTiSeo are the guests of KBS Cool FM with Jo Jung Chi & Jang Dong Min (Chimin) 2 O'Clock Radio

Watch the radio show but I regret that there is no Eng Sub available.
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