Thursday, October 16, 2014

Seohyun and YoonA's College Graduation Photos

Congratulations to Girls' Generation's member YoonA for graduating in college at Dongguk University. 

Together with her fellow member SeoHyun, who also graduated earlier, they pose for their colleges graduation photos.

Yoona and Seohyun’s beauty in graduation pictures at Dongguk University has been widely discussed by fans. The Girls’ Generation members were seen at the university to take their graduation pictures yesterday, October 15,.

In pictures that were uploaded by fans, they are seen in simple white shirts, black skirts and high heels. Yoona became the center of attention because she looked lovely with a fringe.

Fans who have seen the pictures also gave their comments. “These two maknaes (youngest) are so pretty!,” and “It is fun see Yoona’s latest style and she looks younger,” fans wrote.

The two youngest members of Girls’ Generation recently graduated with a theater degree from Dongguk University. Their graduation ceremony was held on August 21.

The two are also chosen as the Ambassadress for the University along with other fellow artists who also studies in the same institution.

Source of article: ttwigo
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