Monday, December 15, 2014

Roommate Season 2 Episode 11

On the December 9 edition of SBS's 'Roommate,' Sunny opened up about wanting to lessen her schedule, Girls' Generation, and her childhood dream.

She said, "Ah, there's something I suddenly thought of. When I was in elementary school, I bought a dream." In Korea, there is the superstition that if someone has a good dream, he or she can sell it to somebody else. In this case, it appears Sunny purchased someone else's good dream.

She said with surprise, "I had no thoughts on becoming a celebrity, but my friend said that in her dream, she was being chased by the broadcasting company, so she ran away when she saw me dancing on TV with other people. To buy the dream, I bought her snacks at the stationary store. I just thought of that."

She then thought of the burden that comes with being a part of Girls' Generation. "I want to lessen my workload and play a bit," she said. "If I put [only] my name on the line, it'd be okay if I made some mistakes, but if I do something wrong, then it becomes 'Girls' Generation did something wrong,' which I really hate."

Lee Guk Ju wisely replied, "Big popularity is happiness, but there is nowhere to let loose, so it is the hardest right now."

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