Thursday, November 06, 2014

Roommate Season 2 Episode 06

The crazy and funny people of 'Roommates' is here once again to give the audience the kind of entertainment that is out of script. 

Watch the 6th episode of 'Roommate Season 2' where different people with different personalities are living under a one roof.
In this episode, the 'Roommates' had a visit from Lee Soon Jae with the invitations from Bae Jong Ok and Sunny. Lee Soon Jae enjoyed the company of the 'Roommates' and showed the friendship between him and his junior in broadcasting, Sunny. In addition, the Roommates also attended the g.o.d.'s 15th Anniversary concert.

[Engsub] Roommate S2 Episode 6 (1/2) by TNKKpop

[Engsub] Roommate S2 Episode 6 (2/2) by TNKKpop

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