Friday, October 24, 2014

Roommate Season 2 Episode 04

SBS' 'Roommate' got SONEs excited for the episode to come with a BTS photo of Girls' Generation's Sunny and Lee Kuk Ju with special guest YoonA!

Sunny, Lee GukJu, and YoonA
According to the producers, Sunny invited fellow member YoonA to her share house in Seongbukdong, Seoul for a housewarming party. As mentioned previously, g.o.d'sPark Joon Hyung also invited Danny Ahn, and Otani Ryohei invited Chaeyeon for dinner.

YoonA was the last guest to arrive, and surprised the roommates with her visit. YoonA greeted the roommates as she shared, "I've been a devoted viewer of 'Roommate' since season 1," and gifted them with a cake. As she got a tour of the house, YoonA couldn't stop laughing at Lee Kuk Ju's jokes, and YoonA returned the favor as she performed "Gee" and other hit songs from her group as a special treat. Chaeyeon also performed her past hit "Two of Us", and Danny Ahn performed "Dear Mother".

Source: AllKPop

YoonA's signature

Watch the 4th episode of Roommate S2 but there is no English Sub available as of the moment.

ㄻㄷ by rhdtk12

룸메이트 시즌2 (4회) 10.19(일). by rhdtk11

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Credits to video with Eng Sub Korean TV Show

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