Monday, November 10, 2014

Roommate Season 2 Episode 07

In this episode, Girls' Generation's Sunny became unnerved at a suspicious tarot card reading on the latest episode of 'Roommate'!

Visiting a fortune-teller, Sunny decided to see her future in her career. "It would be funny if I got a Death card," she joked.

Coincidentally (or not), the Death card was the one that greeted her! The fortune teller explained her fortune and the card drawn for her. "You're currently in a hard situation. You're being sucked dry," she told Sunny.

"You are earning money, but you have urges to escape your current situation," she continued, reminding fans of the current hoopla surrounding many SM Entertainment artists.

Source of article: AllKPop

룸메이트 시즌2.141109 by rhdtk04

룸메이트 141109 by rhdtk03

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