Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It's Hyoyeon's Birthday Party!

Hyoyeon's birthday is on September 22 but she reserved the day September 20 to celebrate her birthday in advance with her fans. And now she is 27 (in Korea).

The Hyohunnies gathered and celebrate the awesome day of the 'dancing machine'. Fans are also tweeting #‎Happy27thHYONCEday ‬‪#‎효연아생일축하해‬ to commemorate this day.
Held at SMTOWN COEX (same venue with the previous celebrations of Soshis birthdays), it is said that the tickets were sold out after few minutes that it is open for purchase. Hyoyeon who knows how to party wears the clothes from the 'Lion Heart' music video.

During the party, Hyoyeon revealed that the Girls' Generation members wants to wear their costumes of the 'Lion Heart' but they couldn't so she wears them to show to the fans. But she answered in another question that jeans and shirts are her choice of clothes and the dress makes her uncomfortable.

She also introduced the manager oppa (above?) as the Lion guy in their appearance in Music Bank. Hyoyeon also gave some juicy info about the planned concert and many other things. You can check some fans account here.

Fans are also sending support/gifts for the birthday celebrant, showering her with so much love. 
They also recognize her competing in upcoming DJ competition 'Mash-up'

Everything is set... the stage, the balloon(s), the cake...

On her Instagram video, Hyoyeon commnted:

#‎소원‬ 과 함께한 ‪#‎생일파티‬ 너무 즐거운 시간이였어요 지금까지 쭉 함께해줘서 고맙구, 앞으로도 우리 쭉 오래 가쟈! i love sone❤ (이층 안나왔네>_< 이층도 내 맘 속에...)우캬캬

"#Birthdayparty with #SONE It was a very fun time. Thank you for being with me until now, and let's go on for a long time in the future too! I love Sone♥(Second floor didn't appear>_< Second floor is also inside my heart...) Ukyakyah" (trans by wgsnsdfx)

Here is the Instagram video, Hyoyeon uploaded herself as the fans sings her Happy Birthday. It turned out that the party went well and lot of laughs ^^'.

Hyoyeon bids goodbye to the fans after the party.

Credits to videos: (1) MR. 돈가스; (2) WGSNSDFX.COM

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