Sunday, September 20, 2015

Hyoyeon Joins in DJing Competition on SBS MTV’s ‘Mash Up’ and attends the Press Conference

On September 10th, SBS MTV revealed that Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon, Seo Inyoung, MBLAQ’s Mir, and AOA’s Hyejeong will be appearing in “매시업/Mash Up”, competing in DJing.

SBS MTV’s “Mash Up” is a program that will create a global EDM (electronic dance music) artist out of K-Pop stars who have an interest in DJing and performance. They will be working with some of Korea’s best DJs, performance teams, and producers.

The production staff stated, “Seo Inyoung, Hyoyeon, Mir, Hyejeong, and other representative K-Pop singers will be attempting the genre of EDM, which is somewhat unfamiliar to the general public. It should be pretty fun watching these people with their own natural-born talents and artistic senses go through the process of becoming EDM stars. Also, there will be team missions given every episode, and we’re planning on presenting other various, fun things for the viewers.

And on September 17, Hyoyeon attends the Press Conference of the said show and showed a glimpse of her skills in DJing.

The first episode will be air on September 21st at 11 PM.

Credits to Soshified

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