Monday, September 28, 2015

Welcome YoonA on Instagram!

It's never too late than never because finally YoonA made an account on Instagram!!!

Above is YoonA's profile pic. Her sweet and refreshing smile will make YoonAddicts' dream come true.
She makes her first post about the celebration of Chuseok (harvest festival). And her gift in this holiday for the fans is this Instagram account.

"Hi~everyone❤#HappyChuseok ‪#‎gg‬#SONE#SurpriseGift"

trans kymmie

After the announcement of Tiffany of YoonA's official debut on the social media, and fellow SoShi members are following her... after one post, the account reached 500K followers (in less than 10 hours) and still counting!

Let's support her in her effort to communicate with her fans by following YoonA! 

Follow her @yoona__lim

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