Monday, August 31, 2015

Wake me up when August ends

While the others celebrate with their 8th anniversary, someone finally stepped out and leaves the entertainment industry...for now.

This year, SONEs' August is probably filled with mixed emotions.
As the remaining 8 members of Girls' Generation celebrates their 8th Anniversary since debut in August 5 (2007), their debut song "Into the New World" reenters the top ten list on South Korean music charts. Accordingly, the real-time music chart at Bugs! ranked “Into The New World” at tenth place at midnight on August 5th. This song is also considered as one of the best debut songs which also inspires other rookie groups. 

Their epic broadcast debut on SBS’s “Inkiyago” is their first live performance of the song wherein each member delivers powerful voice and energetic dance prowess.

However, after almost a year when one of their member left the group, Jessica officially left the SM Entertainment. Jessica released her side of story and many speculations that left fans to wonder. But in the end, their relationship cannot be easily be mended.

According to Soshified:

On August 6th, S.M. Entertainment announced that Jessica has left the entertainment label. S.M. Entertainment stated, 
“After discussions with Jessica, who has been an artist under SM Entertainment, we’ve decided to go our separate ways so both sides can continue to develop. We hope people will support Jessica, who will be having a fresh start.”

Jessica released her own statement, saying, 

“Hello, this is Jessica. After discussions with SM Entertainment, I’m letting you know that we’ve decided to end our contract and officially go our separate ways. I consider the time I spent with SM Entertainment valuable, and I hope for good luck in SM Entertainment’s future.

Also, to my precious fans, I’m always grateful for your unchanging support and love. I’m going to do my best to show you all what you’re anticipating, so I’d be thankful if you watch over my new start.”

She also posted on her Weibo account on August 8 which is seems to be her message for the fans, saying "Miss you guys too ! Keep smiling ;)"

Despite of this news, Jessica's side denies that she is planning to have an album as a soloist. What Jessica keeps her busy is her fashion line "BLANC & ECLARE and her other business affairs. 

So that sums up 'the-one-of-the-greatest-drama-that-SONEs-had-ever-witnessed.

This maybe late but I still want to extend my wish for them. Good luck for Jessica in her new career. Good luck to Girls' Generation for their coming years as a nation's girl group. Also good luck to the remaining SONEs (and Maomaos) who are still believing in the power of these girls (both GG and Jessica).

Source of article: Soshified; AllKPop
Credits to video: soshifiedgenie7
Note: I borrowed the title from Green Day's song "Wake me up when September end"

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