Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Jessica is now out of Girls' Generation?!?!

Earlier today, the netizens particularly the SONEs and fans of Jessica Jung learned a heartbreaking news... that Jessica is officially out of Girls' Generation.

She wrote in her Weibo account in both English and Korean languages.

At first, many followers thought that her Weibo account had been hacked because this hacking incident happens mostly on idols' respective SNS.

While most of the fans are shocked, AllKPop sought some reaction or statement form SM Entertainment but the management just vaguely responded 

"We cannot disclose what is going on yet, but we are reaching out to the proper people to find out the truth of the matter" 

which gives us an idea that the management is also not aware of the situation.

As Jessica said in her post, the Girls will be having a fan-meeting in China today. And as we wait for the formal statement of SM Entertainment, some confirmed that Jessica is missing in the airport at the time of their departure and only 8 members showed up. Some courageously asked some members about Jessica's post but the Girls kept silent.

Back to her SNS, the idol replied on her post which generates much concern. Without the concrete explanation coming from the management this leaves fans to worry. 

Speculations, rumours, and "hearsays" grew and spread faster than you can ever imagine. 

During the time that SM Entertainment continues to remain silent, rumors suggesting possible reasons that may have caused an alleged dispute between Jessica and the agency or perhaps within Girls' Generation are flying about,

The main reasons that have been brought up by insiders include two issues. One is about a potential marriage with Tyler Kwon. The pictures also strengthened rumors that the idol is going to be expelled from her group because she is engaged now, after there are rumors that he has proposed her. Pictures of them wearing the same rings have also been circulating on the Internet.

'Dispatch' also recently released a report to say they spotted Jessica and Tyler Kwon arriving at the airport from New York around the same time on the 29th KST. Jessica was seen coming out from the gates followed by Tyler Kwon about 5 minutes later, further fueling rumors about their relationship and possible marriage that surfaced again recently, which was never addressed by SM Entertainment. 

The other reason pertains to the launch of her own fashion line 'Blanc'. New reports indicate that the two issues may actually be connected as Tyler Kwon is being mentioned as one of the investors in Jessica's new line.

One source told the media outlet, "[Jessica] is preparing for her business, and looking into schools... She is thinking of marriage, but that's not being thought out in detail yet."

Some media outlets are also mentioning that the biggest reason, however, for Jessica's alleged conflict with the agency and possibly the group is because of the launching of her fashion line.

The other 8 members and their parents supposedly had issues with Jessica's new fashion line because it seemed that she wanted to devote her career and time to becoming a designer, which would mean less or no time for Girls' Generation. 

Jessica supposedly had worked out the issue of royalties from her line with SM, but the members had asked Jessica to choose between her new business and Girls' Generation. Insiders are saying the parents of the members also voiced their thoughts and the complaint was lodged to SM. The complaint seems to be that although there is no problem with Jessica living as a Girls' Generation member while designing, there is a problem if Jessica is living as a designer but using Girls' Generation's brand name.

Insiders have also mentioned that SM had pleaded with Jessica to hold out until the Tokyo Dome concert, and was originally going to tell the press and fans that she was absent at today's China fan meeting because of health reasons. However, Jessica had taken to Weibo this morning (Oct 30) to post her thoughts.

Another issue arose saying that 'Sports World' has released a report claiming that they have been tipped by an insider in the legal world that Jessica met with attorney Lim Sang Hyuk recently, who was JYJ's lawyer during their case against SM.

The media outlet states that their source stated, "Jessica herself went to see attorney Lim Sang Hyuk of the lawfirm Sejong in Myeongdong... In most cases, celebrities usually call to consult about their matters first, so Jessica showing up in person is out of the ordinary. It seems likely that she had consulted a specialized lawyer."

But when the lawyer was contacted, the lawyer denied his involvement saying, "I learned of the news through articles. However, I'm not taking her case. I did not meet with her."

After hours of silence, SM Entertainment has finally sent out their official position or statement regarding the whole situation with Jessica and Girls' Generation, revealing that Girls' Generation will be active as 8 members as Jessica has chosen to halt her team activities.

The statement reads,

"Hello. This is SM Entertainment.

We are offering our position on the words posted on Jessica's Weibo today.

This coming spring, due to her personal situation, she notified us she will halt her team promotions with the release of one [more] album.

Despite Jessica's sudden notice, the agency and the Girls' Generation members tried our best and tried to figure out a way that Girls' Generation's activities can continue in the best possible direction.

However, in the midst of insufficient negotiations regarding conflicts of differences in priorities and interest, Jessica started her fashion business. Due to this, despite ongoing talks, it has come to a point where the team could not be maintained.

Thus, the agency had no choice but to pull up Girls' Generation's activities as 8 members earlier than planned, and in the midst of while working out when to announce this, Jessica had posted her words early this morning.

From here on, our agency will continue to support and manage the 8-member Girls' Generation and Jessica's individual activities."

So with this statement, it doesn't seem that Jessica is leaving the agency, but that she will not be active with the other 8 members in the future as she carries out her own activities. 

After fans learned the truth different reactions emerged. Some wishes that Jessica will reunite with the GG members. Some wishes luck for Jessica and the remaining 8 members. Some are disappointed and criticising the management skills of SM Entertainment. Some are crying their hearts out. And
fans consecutively created a number of hashtags #OT9orNothing, #BeliveInSoshiBond, and #StayStrongSNSD, which have become trending topics.

This kind of event, like disbanding, is inevitable and all of the fans are aware of that. But this is too early to happen especially when the group just renewed their contracts with the SM Ent and released a new Japanese song "Divine" which interprets the relationship of SoShis and SONEs. This is so sad and too early (in my opinion).

But there are two questions that are bothering me while I write this post.

First, why is Jessica and SM Entertainment's statements are different, if and only if the translations are accurate.

And second, if the reason behind SM Entertainment in dropping Jessica out of GG is about her new priority, the BLANC, then all I could say is that's a lame reason. Jessica, though she loves to sleep, is not new in the entertainment business. She can do GG and solo activities. Some artists have business of their own and some pursue studying while doing their work as an idol. But why can't SM trust her? Was it really for conflict of interest in a business-related-matter? (I couldn't agree with this anymore, we have the same point of view about this issue, click the link to know what am I talking about). 

SONEs probably imagining something like this...

And I can't believe that this doodle is a kind of prediction. Credits to the one who made this, though.

But for real, I also wish good luck to the Girls. We still love you!

Source: AllKPop, ttwigo; Soshified; and other sources included

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