Monday, September 29, 2014

TaeTiSeo released "Holler" Photo-toon

GIRLS' GENERATION is returning fans’ love with great results at home and abroad by getting awarded the top prize at music program in 10 days of their comeback, followed by the top of record chart and the top of Billboard World Albums chart. 
TTS – Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun~!!

They are getting a lot of fans’ love with cool vocal sound that fits perfectly ‘Holler’, which means ‘shout, scream’. TTS Members thanked staff who has gone through together preparing this album, members and fans with fun pictures and writing. TTS’s Holler photo-toon has just been released through STARCAST~!! Let’s have a look~!!

Presenting glamorous performance that is full of charisma on stage and showing lovely poses for their fans in a waiting room, TTS gives off their various charm! Even though there are a lot of things to say after comeback, they calm themselves for a while and send their message of appreciation to members, fans and staff who has gone through the hard time together!

Taeyeon: TTS has been through a lot of hard time together in preparing the album and I can get energy cause we can perform on a stage together as TTS!! I hope to be with you guys for a long long time with music that we love! TTS Fightaengu!

And to our fans!! It would be really hard to come see us in the early morning but still you come to support us with great cheer and give us lots of energy. Thanks to your support, I think TTS can keep singing. We will keep trying hard to amuse your ears and eyes so please support us a lot. Thank you!

Tiffany: To TTS fans! Our members who participate in this album and I are so delighted to get fantastic responses at the beginning with our 2nd mini album, ‘Hooler’, even if we made a comeback in 2 years and 4 months. It would be a great experience that we can expect our next album more and more. We just get started, so please keep watching us with attention. We will approach you guys making a constant effort so I’d like you to give us your ongoing support. I love you ♥

Seohyun: Our fans sleep less than us and give us support hard in the very early morning so TTS feels so happy. Actually in the very early morning we sometimes feel our energy decreases but at the moment that fans come in after a rehearsal, the energy and air change. (Seohyun gets excited in spite of herself during conversation) I feel really happy and grateful every time I get on stage when I see our fans who may be tired too but still try supporting us hard to give us energy.

The rest of GIRLS' GENERATION members immediately monitored our first performance on TV so I really thank them for caring us even if each of them is so busy. I also feel sorry as staff has got through a lot of hard time for preparing our album. I cannot say nothing but ‘Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!’ I appreciate all and am so happy!

Have you enjoyed their Holler photo-toon full of delight and gratitude?! 
We’d like you to support TTS members a lot who will present a performance of the new song in this album through a wide range of stages like music program and etc. Please give support to TTS members – Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun who don’t hesitate about new challenge. Thank you : )

Credits to Starcast and SM Entertainment

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