Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Girls' Generation renewed their contract with SM Entertainment

All 9 members of Girls' Generation have renewed their contract with SM Entertainment.

Starting from their debut in August 2007, the girls had a 7-year contract with SM Entertainment. However, it's now been revealed that all 9 of the girls already renewed their contracts last month before their contract's expiration.
SM Entertainment and the girls came to an agreement on all their contracts. Unlike when the girls first signed the contract as just-debuting artists, SM Entertainment negotiated the contract to fit the members' needs as well, and there will be no problems for the girls to promote for the next 3 years.

An insider said, "All of the Girls' Generation members finished their contract extension early on. After the girls finished group promotions in the first half of the year, now they're all busy with unit promotions. Also, it's important for the girls and the labels to keep the contract a secret. This is why the girls didn't really talk about the renewal and kept promoting naturally."

Source: AllKPop

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