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Girls’ Generation PARTY@Banyan Tree

On July 7th, the anticipated SNSD's 'PARTY' MV and 1st stage performance unveiled at Naver Starcast Onair Showcase “Girls’ Generation PARTY@Banyan Tree”.

The showcase of “파티/ Party” @Banyan Tree Club and Spa Seoul through Naver Starcast On air. This is later followed bu the official released of the Digital Single“파티/ Party” and the release of “파티/ Party” Physical CD the following day, July 8th. 

the venue

The Girls' Invitation

Shin Dong Yup is present to Host the 'Girl's Generation's 'PARTY' and for the first time, the the eight remaining members of Girls' Generation had to address the topic of Jessica's departure before the press during their showcase for their latest release on July 7. This is the first time they'll be releasing an album in Korea as eight rather than nine.

Regarding this, Taeyeon said, "We did not want to disappoint our fans, so we rolled up and stuck together more as we prepared, and this became a chance for us to become stronger. Since we've prepared so diligently, it was a shame to show just one song, so this time, we ended up trying out three songs [for title tracks]." The girls said it was a shameful thing that had happened, but the eight of them have gotten an even stronger bond together.

Yuri said, "Seeing as how each member had a long training period, we're fairly good at both singing and dancing. When we were able to separate the members into [three groups of three], we had no time to stand out, which had been a shame, but I think we've now gotten the time to show each member's charm."

Regarding the changes in choreography and singing parts, Girls' Generation said, "It's a secret of the business world, so we can't say in detail, but it's a lot easier to dance with an odd number [of people]. Eight is an even number, so making the dance movements is not easy, but we will work hard."

The maknae and 'fake' maknae in their goofy-selves

The Girls' also revealed their thoughts on entering the girl group battle this summer with the release of "Party" single.

They said, "This was a long-awaited comeback. It's been awhile since we made a summer comeback. We wanted to coincide with the season when we came out, and we did spot on, so we're excited. We're happy that our promotions overlap with other girl groups'. It's nice that we get to see a lot of different aspects. There have always been a lot of boy groups, but girl groups get to promote, which puts us in a good mood. 

"We heard that Wonder Girls was making a comeback. They're a group that promoted for a similar length of time as us; hearing that they're going to promote the same time as us is nice."

In another topic, Sunny said alcohol is a good match (as in they're fond of drink) with Girls' Generation. 

The Girls' also mixes some cocktails

Yuri and Taeyeon, shakes the mixers very sexy... but then

Ooooooppppppppssssssss! Taeyeon be careful

In the end, everyon enjoyed their drinks

MC Shin Dong Yup had asked about the lyrical content of the girl group's new song "Party," which mentions alcoholic drinks such as lemon soju and mojitos. The MC was curious just whose tastes the lyrics were referring to, turning to Sunny to question, "By any chance are [the alcoholic drinks] your tastes?"

Sunny answered, "We are all of age and I think we have become a group that can enjoy the bubbly feeling from alcohol," subtly inferring that the group enjoys partaking in bibulous merrymaking.

Shin Dong Yup joked, "I think that you'd be a natural for beverage ads," to which Sunny returned with, "I'm waiting for all you advertisers," creating a cheerful atmosphere. 

Another revelation surfaced when Seohyun said that SM Entertainment still was not allowing her or any of the other members to take part in the creation process of Girls' Generation music.

When asked about having a hand in the album, Seohyun stated, "I made a lot of requests because I wanted to take part in it, but I was denied. That is how very lacking we are. I diligently gathered a lot of songs. They're only in the computer, but there are a lot of members who write the lyrics for each one and a lot who even compose. However, the company won't permit [the use of] our songs yet."

During the showcase for "Party," Girls' Generation were asked which TV programs they wanted to appear on during their promotional period. 

Sooyoung said, "I want to go see Suh Un and Suh Joon. Please let me go see them," hinting she'd like to be on KBS's 'Superman Is Back.' Those twins are pretty adorable!

Hyoyeon chose another program, SBS's 'Take Care of My Dad,' while Yuri said, "I want to go out on 'Weekly Idol.' We need to come out as a whole group to be legendary. I think it'd be nice if they called all eight members at once."

Hearing this, MBC Everyone's CP of 'Weekly Idol' told OSEN on July 8, "We welcome Girls' Generation's appearance whenever. Let's make a legend with them as a whole group."

You can watch the full video here

Within a few hours of its release, Girls’ Generation’s latest single, “PARTY”, has topped the charts of Korean music sites MelOn, Bugs!, Mnet, Olleh, Genie, Naver, Monkey3, and Soribada. This achievement marks an all-kill for the single.

In addition, “PARTY” ranked first on the iTunes “Top 10″ charts for various countries, including Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and Vietnam.

And for the record, just about six hours after it was published on YouTube, Girls’ Generation’s “PARTY” music video has already reached one million views. In addition, a few hours before the music video reached the one-million-views mark, the “PARTY” single achieved on all-kill on Korean music charts, as well as topping iTunes “Top 10″ lists in several countries. Previously, the “Mr.Mr.” music video was the first K-Pop video in 2014 to reach 10 million views, doing so only two weeks after it was released.

The Girls performed the 'Check' Song

The Girls' at 'Party'

Watch their Live Performance of 'Check' and 'Party'

OnStyle presents the flower wreaths and congratulatory note for SNSD

Onstyle 채널 소녀시대/Channel SNSD Flower Wreath for GG PARTY
@ Banyantree, by hustlepd2

Trans: GodGirls' Generation * On Style = Channel Sonyushidae
With Girls' Generation we're always Party

At the release of the 'Party' Single, the RV with the MV of the song toured around the metro

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