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Girls' Generation on their comeback week

The Girls' Generation, despite of their short hiatus, are both fierce and energetic during their comeback stage performances. They never disappoint their fans and their song quickly ranked in number one in various music charts. 

Here is the compilation of their performances from this past week.
On July 10th, Girls’ Generation appeared on KBS’s “Music Bank” for the group’s first music show performances of this comeback cycle. Girls’ Generation sang “Check” and “PARTY” from the “PARTY” single.



On July 11th, the members of Girls’ Generation continued their comeback week of performances with an appearance on MBC’s “Show! Music Core”. The group performed the Korean version of “Catch Me If You Can”, the most recent Japanese single, as well as “PARTY”.

"Catch Me If You Can"


On July 12th, Girls’ Generation concluded the first week of promotions for “PARTY”, appearing on SBS’s “Inkigayo” for a performance of “Check” and “PARTY

Inkigayo Backstage

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On July 14th, Girls’ Generation scored its first win for “PARTY” on SBS MTV’s “The Show”. Girls’ Generation performed “PARTY” on the program before being announced as the week’s winner. Sunny is not in the encore because she left the show early to attend her radio show.

On July 15th, Girls’ Generation appeared on MBC’s “Show Champion” for a performance of “PARTY”. Girls’ Generation dressed in white outfits and jean shorts for the stage. The members also recorded several short videos backstage aired throughout the show, in which they rehearse and have drinks, and Yoona plays a dart game. “PARTY” also won “Champion Song” for the week, and Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Sooyoung, and Seohyun were on hand to accept the award, give the acceptance speech, and for the encore stage. This is Girls’ Generation’s second win with “PARTY” on the weekly music programs.

On July 16th, Girls’ Generation made its first appearance for this promotion cycle on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” for a performance of “PARTY”. Girls’ Generation also won first place on this week’s “M! Countdown”, taking home the third victory so far for “PARTY” following wins on “The Show” and “Show Champion“. 

“PARTY” won with a score of 10,654 points, the highest score ever recorded on “M! Countdown” throughout all scoring systems. This record was previously held by Girls’ Generation with “Mr.Mr.”. During their acceptance speech, Taeyeon thanked SONEs, the staff of SM Entertainment, and her fellow members.

On July 17th, Girls’ Generation appeared on KBS’s “Music Bank” to continue promotions for “PARTY”. Girls’ Generation sang their comeback track dressed in bright yellow outfits, giving another exciting performance for fans in the audience and at home. After Girls’ Generation, the members of Super Junior sang “Love at First Sight” for their comeback stage, with Yoona as a special guest.

At the end of the show, Girls’ Generation was announced as this week’s winner of the “Music Bank” K-Chart. This was Girls’ Generation’s fourth win on weekly music shows with “PARTY”. Girls’ Generation also reached another milestone with this win, reaching a total of 100 first place finishes on music shows between both Girls’ Generation and Girls’ Generation – TTS.

On July 18th, Girls’ Generation appeared on MBC’s “Show! Music Core” to perform “PARTY”. Girls’ Generation’s wore white outfits for day, giving another fun performance of their latest title track.

At the end of the program, Girls’ Generation was announced as this week’s winner of “Show! Music Core”. This was Girls’ Generation’s fifth win with “PARTY”, following first place finishes on “The Show”, “Show Champion”, “M! Countdown”, and “Music Bank”. Seohyun gave today’s winning speech, thanking Girls’ Generation’s fans for their love and their supporting staff.

On July 19th, Girls’ Generation continued promotions for “PARTY” with an appearance on SBS’s “Inkigayo”. The group’s latest title track was performed in the black and brown outfits.

At the end of the night’s show, Girls’ Generation was announced as the week’s winner on “Inkigayo”, taking home the trophy for first place. This was Girls’ Generation’s sixth win with “PARTY”, and the group completed a sweep of first place wins on this week’s music programs in Korea.

On July 23rd, Girls’ Generation appeared on Mnet’s “M! Countdown” for a special episode filmed at Jamsil Gymnasium. Girls’ Generation performed “PARTY” for the end of show, singing their most recent comeback track in red, blue, black, and white outfits.

Girls’ Generation will conclude promotions for “PARTY” tomorrow on KBS’s “Music Bank”. A full album with dual title tracks “Lion Heart” and “You Think” is expected to follow.

On July 24th, Girls’ Generation performed its goodbye stage for “PARTY” on KBS’s “Music Bank”. Girls’ Generation’s promotions on Korea’s weekly music programs for “PARTY” began on July 10th two weeks ago on “Music Bank”, and since then, the group has also made appearances on “The Show”, “Show Champion”, “M! Countdown”, “Show! Music Core” and “Inkigayo”. “PARTY” won first place a total of six times throughout all music programs.

Girls’ Generation’s next release will be a full album with two title tracks, “Lion Heart” and “You Think”. During “Music Bank”, Seohyun revealed that the album will be released in August.

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