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채널 소녀시대/Channel Girls' Generation Press Conference

On July 21st, the ladies of Girls’ Generation attended the press conference for their variety show, “Channel Girls’ Generation”. 

Yuri unfortunately was not present due to another schedule.
This program is all the more special because it will show the girls creating their own content based on a concept that each member believes befit her the best. 

Girls' Generation revealed a bit more about their show during the press conference, taking care not to spoil everything for the viewers and urging them to watch the show for themselves. 

One reporter posed the question, "What's different about this reality program?"

Tiffany, after some consideration, answered, "The show emphasizes individual members' charms...I hope that viewers will get to think, 'Wow there is a whole new side to Girls' Generation.'" 

Sooyoung replied, "The best part of our reality program is that there is no one person leading [the group]. I think it's more interesting when we just show ourselves having fun together." 

Another reporter asked the members, "Which member's channel do you most envy?"

YoonA responded, "If I want to [record] comfortably, I think Taeyeon's channel is the best. I think [her channel] is one on which I can freely show various sides of myself." 

The maknae Seohyun declared--though not without some embarrassment--"I think my channel is the best because I'm doing what I want. But I want to visit everyone else's channels at least once." 

Sunny concluded, "We will show you many things without hesitation, so please expect much from 'Channel Girls' Generation.'"

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun has revealed that it would be nice if she didn’t have to unveil her bare face on broadcasts.

OBS’s Unique Entertainment News met with top girl group Girls’ Generation, who attempted a new challenge in the form of a reality program to show their fans their unadorned and honest appearances.

Girls’ Generation, who has caught the attention of the world beyond South Korea, recently took over the number one spot in all music broadcasts with their recent single, “PARTY”, and made it known that they are still the number one girl group.

Beyond this, Girls’ Generation has started a new reality program to show their various appearances to fans.

Tiffany revealed her feelings about starting the program by saying, “This is our first group record activity in 1 year and 6 months, but it has been even longer since we were able to do a group reality show, so our members are filming with truly excited hearts.”

When asked about the concrete content of the broadcast, Taeyeon introduced the content of her broadcast by saying, “I’m planning to show things like self nail art or self hair-dyeing, which I’m doing during promotions — things that you can do on your own. I want to share a few things about spending time alone.”

Sunny continued, “If things come up that I want to try, I shout, ‘challenge,’ and then I do a three-minute quick makeup, or if suddenly I feel like it, I go bungee jumping.”

When someone said that [Girls’ Generation] unveiled everything to the point that they questioned if it would be okay, Seohyun said, “I don’t think I want to show absolutely everything. For example, bare face.” And Sunny, who was sitting beside her, said and laughed, “You already did. I’m sorry we couldn’t protect you.”

Like this, maknae Seohyun is worried not only about bare faces but also revealed that they will expose the members’ hidden appearances.

Sooyoung unveiled, “Truthfully, there is no special way that I wear the clothes that I wear, so it is a topic I started hesitantly. So I have a lot of worries. I think showing my natural self is trying my best, so I’m planning to show my closet.”

Seohyun also revealed, “If you look at it one way, it is true that we hide a lot and that we can’t be close with the public because of our jobs as celebrities, but regardless, before our jobs as celebrities, each of us is also a [regular] person, so I wanted to disguise myself as someone who is not ‘Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun’ and go to somewhere with lots of people.”

The "Channel Girls' Generation" premiered last July 21st but still here is the teaser for the said show and give you an idea about what kind of show the Girls are into.


Taeyeon - the Chef Master

Sunny in Cheerful Girl Challenge 

Tiffany X

Hyoyeon - Private Fun Life

Yuri - Beauty & Body Show

Sooyoung - What to wear today?

Yoona on NyamNyam TV

Seohyun with Maknae Double Life

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