Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hyoyeon to release her new book, ‘Hyo Style’

Details for Hyoyeon’s upcoming book, “Hyo Style”, have been made available through aladin and other book retailers.

The book will be 142 pages with four chapters: chapter 1 will be an introduction to Hyoyeon and what she will discuss later; chapter 2 will list “it” items from Hyoyeon’s closet that complete her look; chapter 3 will show Hyoyeon’s fashion thus far; and chapter 4 will show Hyoyeon’s current style through seven keywords.

Hyoyeon’s book will also include a “making-of” DVD. “Hyo Style” will released on July 3rd and is available for pre-order through websites such as YesAsia, aladin, kyobobook, and yes24.

The official launch of 'HYO STYLE' will be on July 1st and have a publishing conference at Seongsudong Cafe' Espresso Room in Seoul.

Her upcoming book is filled with fashion and beauty tips from Hyoyeon, who is known for her amazing sense of style and especially her eyebrow makeup. Most recently, her new short hair has been receiving a ton of attention as well! The book will feature the best styles she has shown and her collection of makeup and clothing pieces.

Hyoyeon said, "I hope people will be able to increase the love they have for themselves through reading my book. I believe that people can find the pretty side of themselves by trying on different styles directly. That's called finding your own style. I want people to raise their self confidence. Through that process, that's how I found today's 'Hyoyeon's style' as well. And I will also be putting in the effort to perfect 'Hyo Style' that way."

See her other photos from filming ''Hyoyeon 1 Million Likes' while happily playing with the dogs and pampering with her own pup, Vivian (brown toy poodle). I just remembered back in the days when she said that she is afraid of dogs, but having cute dogs like them probably helped her cope with her fear. 

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Source of the article: Soshified; AllKPop

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