Thursday, June 25, 2015

Seohyun made a cameo in a drama and invites on her upcoming birthday

Girls' Generation's Seohyun made a surprise cameo on the set of 'Warm and Cozy'!

Viewers will get to see the lovely Seohyun transformed into a charming university student who plays the role of matchmaker niece for her bachelor uncle on the drama's 13th episode.
The scene for Seohyun's special appearance was shot at the drama's film set located on Jeju Island this past June 21.

The GG member brightened up the entire set with her goddess-like smile, and everyone on the set--especially the guys--stopped what they were doing just to watch the idol in action. Staff members couldn't help but shower Seohyun with compliments that she is pretty, expressing their genuine admiration for the idol's talent and her beauty. At the endless stream of compliments, Seohyun flashed a smile and politely thanked everyone for their kind words.

Seohyun with Yoo YeonSeok & JinYeong

A rep from the production company stated, "We are grateful to Seohyun for making the difficult trip all the way down here and filming with us with a positive attitude. Please [enjoy] the 13th episode which was made brighter with Seohyun's presence." 

In other news, last June 22, Seohyun replies to Pixie Lott & Peter Zizzo (songwriter of 'Jack' by Pixie Lott) via twitter. 'Jack' is a song which Seohyun covered 3 years ago on YHY Sketchbook.

They commented that Seohyun's cover is beautiful and Pixie Lott even wants to collaborate with Seohyun which in return, Seohyun agreed.

And lastly, Soehyun's birthday is just right around the corner so Seobabes get ready with this.

SM Entertainment will held a fan meeting on June 28. Tickets can be purchased but some says that those tickets are running out so hurry!

Source of article: AllKPop
Credits to video: MBCdrama

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