Sunday, September 28, 2014

TaeTiSeo revealed some secrets in Guerilla Date

TaeTiSeo shared the story behind their group name and meeting with Kang Dong Won during their Guerilla Date KBS 2TV's 'Entertainment Relay'!

When asked, "Did the three of you also come up with your group name yourselves?", Tiffany revealed, "No. I really didn't like it.
We were wondering whether we should name our group, 'Twinkle', or something else. [But our agency said] Just do 'TaeTiSeo'. I didn't think that the name on our schedule [which was normally written as 'Tae-Ti-Seo' as an abbreviation for their names on their schedules] would actually end up being our [group name]... It's similar to the case of Girls' Generation. When we first heard [that our name was Girls' Generation], we responded, 'Girls' Generation? What? After all those years that we trained...' But now we're thankful to our team director."

When asked if they got to see Kang Dong Won in person for his movie 'My Brilliant Life', Taeyeon shared, "I have been a fan of his since a long time ago." Tiffany revealed that when she told him that Taeyeon was a fan, he was chic and too shy to say anything. Seohyun added, "When we were talking amongst ourselves, saying how handsome [Kang Dong Won] is, the way [Taeyeon] unni's eyes looked at me...",revealing that Taeyeon also has her fangirling moments of jealousy.

When asked to grade their group in different categories, TaeTiSeo gave themselves a 'soo' (similar to what an 'A' grade is) for singing ability, visuals, interest in men, and observation of other girl groups. They also gave themselves a 'yang' (similar to what a 'D' grade is) for variety show skills and between a 'mee' (similar to a 'C' grade) and 'yang' for sexiness.

When asked what about them is sexy, Tiffany commented, "Our confidence. I hope you may see the energy we show during performances as sexiness... We will work hard."

Watch the Video start at 36:19 point

Source: AllKPop
Credits for video: KBS World TV

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