Sunday, September 28, 2014


Coinciding with the Incheon Asian Games, the inaugural K-pop Expo in Asia was held for a two-week live music expose to highlight Korean music.

Aside from having two-week sports competition, Incheon also hosted the Asia’s biggest K-pop showcase.

The concerts held at Asian Games Sports Complex at the North Incheon Bokhap-danji. Different artists and idols performed at the stage and that includes Girls' Generation's sub-unit's TaeTiSeo and performed their new song "Holler" coming from the album of the same name.

Along with a wide range of live performances, the two-week event also included an exhibition showcasing the past 100 years of Korean music, and a cultural exhibition on the 43 countries participating in this year’s Asian Games.

Credits to kpopbuddy; PreciousYou for the video; and owners of the photos

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