Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Jessica of June (2014)

Here are the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates in the month of June coming from the GorJess.

"Ice creeeaaaammmm[阳光][抱抱][心][耶]"

"You know Jung Sooyeon? [帅]"

"정수연" / Jung Sooyeon
"사실은" / actually
"나얌 [偷笑]" / is me

"Don't forget to watch our new On Style show "Jessica & Krystal"
tonight and support us every Tuesday at 23:05! You're the best[心]"http://j.mp/1kDGVtX

"Who was at dream concert?? Thank u for your support "
"thank you very much! what a "ppingkku ppingkku" ㅎㅎever our outfit is ppingkku[耶]"

*ppingkku = the colour pink

Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

"I'm watching "Jessica&Krystal"[耶] right now!! Did u guys all watch it?
How was it? 후기후기~~~알려주세염[呵呵]"

"Jessi's Salmon-kimchi fried rice[呵呵] Want some? TGIT![鼓掌]
(thank god its tuesday) 수연이표 연어김치볶음밥[耶]
오늘은? 화요일! 난 밤11시가 젤 좋더라..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"

"[嘻嘻][哈哈][抓狂]" http://j.mp/1kQcDcu

*only Emoticon [Heehee] [haha] [crazy]"

"Off to see my fans[耶] See u guys soon[抱抱]"

Follow her at: Sy_Jessica@Weibo

See her posts on May (2014)

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