Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Jessica of May (2014)

Here are the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates in the month of May coming from the GorJess.

"How r u guys? Missed me?[害羞]"

Jessica&Krystal, by pioranyc IG

"There's "Jess" in NYC too[偷笑]"

"There's "Jess" in NYC too[偷笑]"

"Nylon magazine June issue[心] Silly sisters[馋嘴]"

"Nylon magazine June issue[心] Silly sisters[馋嘴]"

Profile pic

"Good night[月亮]" 

"Just because she's too gorgeous of mine, so
I have permission to call her ugly..but..just..only me!!!!
ㅋㅋ If you guys call her, let see if I can catch you ^^"

Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

*Her comment from her Weibo account is based on the Onstyle D-8 Preview of Jessica&Krystal reality show. There she called Krystal ugly while her sister is checking herself in the camera.

"Happy birthday to my little rascal yoona[爱你] 쪽!"

Follow her at: Sy_Jessica@Weibo

See her posts on April (2014)

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