Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Taeyeon of June (2014)

Here is the collection of photos, SelCas, and updates for the month of June from the kid leader Taeyeon!

"물고기가되고싶다. 더우니까 물속에서 살게. 아 이미물고긴가
그럼 아가미를 갖고싶다. 물속에서 숨좀쉬게. 그리고물갈퀴도"
"I want to be a fish. It’s hot, so I want to live inside the waters.
Or, am I already a fish? Then I want gills. So I can breathe underwater. Also want webbed feet"

trans thatssosoo

"Girls'GenerationTheBest 2014.7.23 이건 나도 살거에요.
이것만 있으면 그동안의 소시를 다 만날 수 있으니까.
그리고 같이 공개될 신곡..너무 좋아서 눈물났어 #GGTheBest #GGJPN #써니야더꺾어봐"
"Girls'GenerationTheBest 2014.7.23 I'm going to buy this too.
Because if you have just this, you'll be able to meet all of Girls' Generation throughout all these times.
And also because the new song that will be released together..
It's so good I teared up #GGTheBest #GGJPN #SunnyTryBendingMore"

trans kymmie

"단거먹고힘낼태연 #단거"

"TY!!NAGOYA!!! & #ggtour"

"소원 나도 보고있어여"
"SONE I’m also watching "

trans kymmie

"후로즌 모자다. 엘사가 바글바글"
"It’s a Frozen hat. A swarm of Elsas"
Taeyeon, later corrected herself saying:

TaeYeon @taeyeon_ss
아 맞다 저거 안나였지...
[TRANS] Ah right, that was Anna… (@Kymmie)
Sunny @svnnynight
[TRANS] Sunny’s comment AnnaAnnaAnnaAnnaAnna (@Kymmie)
"아주 으리으리한 식혜에에으ㅇ으릐 #의리"
"A pretty loyal Shikhye-eh-eh-eu-ri #loyalty"

*Shikhye: Korean rice drink
**In reference to this CF:http://youtu.be/o5wBnUpV_xU
trans by kymmie

Korea Ultra Music Festival/UMF, by fukwoooo
Taeyeon with Key

Taeyeon with Key & Seo SooKyung, by bumkeyk IG


Korea Ultra Music Festival/UMF, by with.yoon
Taeyeon with Key of SHINee

"오늘도 어김없이 너때문에미치겠다. #oreo #오레오"

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