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The 9 Angels

Due to the success and overwhelming popularity of the Super Junior (SuJu), the SM Entertainment decided to make another group of females as the counterpart of SuJu and then would be called "Super Girls".
From the pool of artists from their talent center, from their strict casting system and training, 12 girls are chosen. However, because of the competition for the spot and hard training, the group reduced into 9 members. The planned name for the group were also changed into "So Nyuh Shi Dae" and calling each member as "SoShi". And this is the beginning of the Generation. 
*The listed members' rank is based on their age:

1. Taeyeon (Kim Tae-yeon/김태연) March 9, 1989
Known as a "kid leader" and the main singer of the Group along with Jessica
Has the whitest skin on the group and stands 160cm (according to YeinJee)
She was casted in the training system in 2004 after being discovered at SM's 8th Annual Best Contest winning "Best Singer 1st Place & Grand Award".

2. Jessica (Registered name is Jessica Jung; Jung Soo-yeon/정수연) April 18, 1989
Known as the "ice princess" because of her personality
At some instances, acted as the second leader of the group and cry when she's angry, and loves to sleep
Born in San Francisco, California, USA and in the same hospital with Tiffany
She stands 163cm, the first casting member in 2000 after an agent of SM invited her and her sister, Krystal of f(x) to audition during their family vacation.
However, on September 30, 2014, SM Entertainment announced Jessica would no longer be a member of Girls Generation. Read articles 1 and 2. Despite of that, she keeps her head high and pursue her career of being a fashion designer and entrepreneur. 

3. Sunny (Lee Soon-kyu/이순규) May 15, 1989
Known as the "aegyo (cute) expert" of the group
Born in Los Angeles, California, USA and stands 158cm
She is known as an active participant in the reality shows in Korea.
The last member of the group to enter the casting system in 2007 after she trained five years from other company. 
Being a niece of the founder of SM Entertainment puts pressure on her but somehow, I guess no one looked her in that way. 

4. Tiffany (Registered name is Stephanie Hwang; Hwang Mi-young/황미영) August 1, 1989
Known for her "eye-smile". She was born in the same hospital with fellow member Jessica and graduated in the same high school in Korea during her preparations in their debut. 
Both her and Jessica are fluent in English, no doubt. 
She was invited to audition in 2004 despite of her father's objection and immediately packed and flew to South Korea after receiving permission. 
She had received some medication in her throat and had some injuries from their performances.

5. Hyoyeon (Kim Hyo-yeon/김효연) September 22, 1989
Known as the "dancing queen" and main dancer of the Group.
She started dancing by training in their neighborhood's dance school for hip-hop and Latin in elementary and enrolled in 1999 in Winners Dance School that specializes in teaching popping, locking, and other hip-hop styles. Along with her best friend - Miss A's member, Min - they formed the Little Winners and joined "Street Jam". 
Her mother tagged her in SM Entertainment in hoping to see H.O.T and she dance in an audition in 2000
She was sent in China to study along with Choi Siwon of SuJu. 
Since the group needs to act cute and pretty she often squirm and gritted her teeth in trying to do so.
According to other fansites, she has 14 piercing altogether and an ambidextrous. She stands 160cm
She is a good cook and a mood-maker, and she dreams of being a wife and having children. 
Sooyoung address her once as a "fashion terrorist" because of her style and Hyoyeon admitted that she wants to be a fashion designer.

6. Yuri (Kwon Yu-ri/권유리) December 5, 1989
Known as "black pearl Yuri" because of her skin. 
Stands in 167cm and  being accepted in the SM's training system in 2001 after finishing second in the SM Youth Best Dancer competition.
She is currently attending at Chung-Ang University along with fellow member Sooyoung. 

7. Sooyoung (Choi Soo-young/최수영) February 10, 1990
Known as "full of humor" because of her funny antics and imitations.
Stands at 170cm and the tallest among the fellow members. 
She loves to eat but does not get fat (how lucky), this is due to the strict diet and menus that are served to them. 
She briefly debuted in Japan with duo "Route θ" but abruptly disbanded after the debut and be enlisted as a member in SM training in 2002 (Watch MTV Lifestyle to know her more).

8. Yoona (Im Yoon-ah/임윤아) May 30, 1990
Known as "the face of SNSD" because of her exceptional beauty, charm, and popularity (but honestly, all of them have Goddess-like beauty so no one can say that one member is above the other).
Stands in 166cm and like Sooyoung, loves to eat but keep her figure slim.
She auditioned in 2002 and got a ticket to enter in the acting training aside from receiving singing and dancing lessons. 
She is currently Studying in Dongguk University majoring in Theatre and Arts along with fellow member Seohyun. 
She became widely known in Korea because of the dramas where she played major roles. 

9. Seohyun (Seo Joo-hyun/서주현) June 28, 1991
Known as "silly and cute" the tall Maknae (youngest of the Group) stands at 168cm.
She auditioned in SM in 2003 after singing the children's song and eventually casted as a trainee. 
She is a good maknae and follows her unnies even if Hyoyeon sometimes trick her to do some chores. 
She is one of the main vocals of the Group along with Taeyeon, Jessica, and Tiffany.
TTS (Ta-Ti-Seo) was formed as a sub-group of the SNSD and composed by Taeyeon, Tiffany and Seohyun. 
She loves keroro and does not want to eat at fast-food products.


Girls' Generation-TTS (Hangul: 소녀시대-태티서, also known as TTS, TaeTiSeo or Girls' Generation-TaeTiSeo) is the first official subgroup of South Korean girl group Girls' Generation, formed by SM Entertainment in 2012. It is composed of three Girls' Generation members, Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun.

On April 19, 2012, S.M. Entertainment officially announced the formation of the subgroup, stating in their official press release that the intention was to "grab the attention of fans with all aspects of music, performance, and fashion styles." It also hinted at the possibility of future subgroups containing other members, elaborating, "the members of the unit [are rotated] according to the [unique] music and concept of each new subgroup album."

Compared to the 9-member Girls' Generation, TTS's main focus is on each member's vocal ability while the original group places more emphasis on the overall songs and uniform group performances.

The agency also revealed the thought process behind the naming of the subgroup. The name "TaeTiSeo" is made up of the first syllables of Taeyeon, Tiffany, and Seohyun. This name has the letters "T" and "S", which have distinct sounds, giving a strong vibe of the team and also lets the fans recognize the members instantly.

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