Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Hello Sones

Obviously and no further explanation, this is a fansite for the So Nyuh Shi Dae (소녀시대) which is also popularly known as Girls' Generation and Shoujo Jidai in Japanese ( 少女時代).
The Members of the group are called "SoShi" and this Blog is dedicated to them as well as to their fans a.k.a. SONEs (meaning SoShis and fans are 'ONE')
There are menus available in this site which is located on the upper part of the Blog.
Now, let's start the tour.
  • In the menu "Home" it is where this message is located and there would be additional posts related on the Group.
  • The Bio is the short term for Biography which contains the brief information about the 9-member group. From time to time, it can be updated and have juiciest trivia that Sones most likely to enjoy. 
  • The next menu is Albums which hosts the list of albums of the SNSD, whether in Korean or Japanese, or single or for promos only.  
  • Next is the Music and Lyrics where fans and other readers can listen to the songs of the Girls and at the same time follow the lyrics so that we can sing a long with them.
  •  Another stuff is the Videos of their music, commercials and teasers. It is hosted by YouTube and you have an option - either by clicking the link provided that will direct you to the YT or watch the video provided within the site. 
  • Shows comes up next that contains the group or its individual members' TV shows, either for reality or in drama or perhaps movie.
  • Lastly, the Photos that is the collection of the Girls' cute, sexy, candid, and all of the sort pictures that mostly filled the Internet. Take a look on their glittering smile and attitude in front of the camera.
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Well that's for now,

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