Monday, August 24, 2015

YoonA for H:CONNECT Fashion

Girls’ Generation’s Yoona has been chosen as the newest model for the contemporary global SPA brand, H:CONNECT.

Yoona is a member of Korea’s representative girl group, Girls’ Generation, and representative Hallyu star who has shown off fresh, cheerful charms through various dramas and variety shows. She was chosen as H:CONNECT’s newest model for suiting the brand’s stylish and trendy senses the most.

A H:CONNECT source stated, “Yoona may only seem feminine and pure, but after her shocking transformation with blonde hair for her recent comeback, she transformed into an elegant and urban image. With her showing off all sorts of different charms unfiltered, we felt that she would be best at expressing H:CONNECT’s loveliness and trendy modern senses.”

Starting with the 2015 F/W season, Yoona will be modeling H:CONNECT’s stylish and modern styles with her own lovable and bubbly senses and perfect visuals. They are planning on revealing more commercial cuts containing these styles, as well as events for fans and customers.

Meanwhile, H:CONNECT has spread, not only in Korea, but China, Taiwan, and Singapore, as a stylish, modern, contemporary global SPA brand. Along with their flagship store in Gangnam, its stores are located in 90 locations including inside COEX and Lotte World.

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Source: TopStarNews
Translated by: ch0sshi@soshified
Photos: H:CONNECT Taiwan (1) (2)
Video: hconnectglobal

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