Sunday, July 26, 2015

YoonA's Messages to Fans

On July 13th, Yoona posted a message and photo on Girls’ Generation’s website to thank fans for their support during the first week of the “PARTY” comeback.

[From Yoona]: party time

Last week was fun because through “PARTY” activities, we were able to be with all of you on stage for the first time in a long time~~

There were times when filming time was during the early morning, so there must have been tiring days. So many people came to cheer us on, so we were overflowing with strength!! Wherever we go, so many SONE came to cheer us on, so we can shrug with pride and it’s reassuring. <3

It’s raining so be careful on the roads and be careful of heat and colds~
This week, let’s have fun and party~~~ ^^

And on July 17th, Yoona posted her message via SONE Plus

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Yoona.

How are you all doing? It feels as if this year's summer is more hot and humid than last year!! Please be careful of summer heat fatigue☆
I was really happy to spend an enjoyable time with all the fans at this month's LIVE MONSTER LIVE and SMTOWN <3

Also, have you heard our recent Korean release, "PARTY"?
We'll keep trying our best for wonderful performances, so please give us your support.
And one more thing!! This year's SNSD is just after this, so everyone please anticipate it ^^
#Catch GG

Credits to Translations by: (1) SonexStella@Soshified; (2) RedSunsetXIII (redsunset on SSF)

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