Thursday, July 02, 2015

Hyoyeon officially launched her book 'HyoStyle'

On July 1st, Hyoyeon attended the “Hyo Style” book release event at Seoul Seongdong District's Espresso Room.

During the event, Hyoyeon answered a few questions about “Hyo Style”, Girls’ Generation’s upcoming comeback, and more.
Dressed in a black and white top and custom-made jeans, Hyoyeon happily smiled for cameras for both fans and press media also at the event. Hyoyeon later uploaded her own photos to both her Instagram and Weibo accounts.

Hyoyeon said, "I'm usually the type to immediately go forth with something once I make up my mind, but before I went with my bob cut, I thought about it for a while. I worried about it for a month. Girls' Generation's comeback was coming up too so I wondered, 'What if it doesn't suit me?' It's not like I can glue it back."

She added, "Since I was worrying so much about it, the hair stylist became frustrated. She cut it off in one motion. But my members and people around me told me it was pretty, so I was happy. I'm thankful too."

And about Girls' Generation's comeback, Hyoyeon optimistically stated, "Today Girls' Generation's teaser video came out. You'll soon be able to hear our new songs. I think that Girls' Generation will be able to strike [the music scene] in one stroke this year."

At the launching, the singer revealed her feelings about the publication, stating, "The book has finally been published after one year. I was able to truthfully and honestly include the stories I have been thinking about for a while." 

The newly blond babe also gave her own definition of style, professing that it is always "ing" (in progress). She added, "My style keeps changing with the flow. As I gain more experience, my styling could change. My current looks isn't the end but it will keep on evolving. I think I'll be able to show a much more dramatic color," displaying confidence.

The self-professed fashionista also stressed the importance of accessories, asserting, "Whether you wear a one piece or something more casual, accessories is key. Even when I wear swimsuits, I accessorize." She added, "If you properly match your accessories, you can appear very feminine, sexy, or emphasize your cute side. It's good to use accessories in a variety of ways no matter if they're small or bold. These days, I think even a hair band can look pretty," generously sharing her know-how in fashion. 

The fans and Soshi members sent congratulatory wreaths on her book launching event.

'Hyo Style' explores Hyoyeon's stories of beauty, fashion, and life in the hopes that they will help those that want to become beautiful.

Credits to the owners of photos
Credits to videos: krisbrows8
Source of article: Soshified; AllKPop

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