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Jessica's Birthday Party

On 11th of April, Jessica Jung celebrated with the fans for her advanced birthday party. In order to celebrate her upcoming birthday this April 18, JessicaUnion (a fans club of Jessica) held an event called "Happy Together".

The fanmeeting/birthday party was held at Sunkyunkwang University where she met many of her fans. It was an early birthday party, as she will be turning 26 (Korean age 27) this month.

Jessica watched some video messages

Jessica with her sister, Krystal

At the event, there was a corner where she read aloud her fans's stories, but what stood out was her own little sister, Krystal's letter.

Krystal read to her sister, wrote, "Congratulations on your 27th birthday. I'm sorry that I haven't been able to do anything special for you on your birthdays. But it's nice that you can make precious memories because of your fans. I want to make you cry but I don't think you will. Since I was in elementary school and you were in high school, you seemed like an adult to me but now you really are an adult. Right? Time is going by so fast that I feel scared and sad. Let's play till we become grandmas, just like we did when we were young, where we danced and sang at home, and how we free danced in the living room a few days ago."

The letter continued to say, "I'm like a child to you, unni, but you still listen so well to me and respect me. I'm not jealous of anyone because I have a friend and an unni like you. I had only seen the sincere and thoughtful side of you, so when I saw you painfully cry everyday and see you going though a hard time, I cried too and my heart hurt so, so much. It felt unfair as I wondered if people knew what a weak and soft person you were. But I moved past those feelings and now I just want you to be highly regarded and for happiness to be in our surroundings."

She ended with, "From now on, whenever another unpredictable thing happens, I trust you will wisely get through it. Stay as my cool unni. I'm always by your side and you'll always be my side. Let's get strength. And live in a more fun way. Thank you for being my sister. I love you. From Soojung."

Even though Krystal thought Jessica wouldn't cry, Jessica couldn't hold back her tears, choking up several times while reading the letter. Krystal was also said to have arrived afterwards, and the two cried even more as they hugged.

On a happier note, Jessica had a great time with her fans, and the fans there had a great time too! Take a look at some fan-taken photos below as well as an audio clip of Jessica reading Krystal's letter out loud.

And as a gift of appreciation, Jessica, herself, prepared Selca with autographed handwriting messages for everyone who came in the event. Here are the different shots of Photo Polaroid.

After the party, Jessica playfully posed for the cameras of some lucky fans who ambushed her on the backstage.

Happy Birthday Jessica!

In other news, Jessica has been named as one of many celebrities who are successful not only in their career as entertainers but as well as in business according to Name List 2015. AllKPop reported that Jessica is not only known as a member of Girls' Generation but as a businesswoman and creative director of 'BLANC & ECLARE'.

Credits to: xotungsten_ Via:SNSDThailandjemaomaos+archer2006; jessicaunion; and other owners of the photos not mentioned.

See other photos and info at JessicaUnion
Source of article: AllKPop

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