Sunday, April 12, 2015

Girls' Generation on 'Best of Best in the Philippines' Concert

On April 12th, the best of K-pop stars went to the Philippines for another K-pop invasion. 

With Super Junior, Girls' Generation, Red Velvet and BTOB, the crowd in Philippine Arena united and supported their idols.

Early this morning, the Girls took a flight going to Manila, Philippines - of which is their second time to visit. They also greeted the fans through SNS and cheered for their fans.

The Girls sang their signature songs such Mr.Taxi, Genie, Hoot, Gee, VCR with Dancing Queen as BGM, Kissing You, Complete, Mr. Mr. They also mentioned about sones fan-event during 2nd talk before Mr. Mr. 

The fans, on the other hand, prepared the different banners and fan projects in support for the Girls' Generation.

Watch them perform "Gee" with explosive fanchants

Credits to philconcerts and other unmentioned contributors!
Credits to video: limnelson1

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