Monday, March 02, 2015

Sooyoung for Cosmopolitan March 2015 Issue

Sooyoung took part in a beauty photoshoot with 'Cosmopolitan', making all girls green with envy at her tall stature and perfect skin. 

She looks sweet in all white attire, while adding an element of interest with the a see-through top. In the interview portion, she talked about habits she would warn others against. Sooyoung said, "The habit of rubbing your eyes. Seeing as how I do eye makeup every day, I always rub my eyes because of the frustrating remains and even when I'm cleansing, I rub all over my eye rims. The eye rims are a particularly sensitive part." 

She also mentioned what's on every fan's mind, Girls' Generation's comeback: "I think Girls' Generation's new album is coming out in the first half of this year. All the members are working very hard in order to make the best and most satisfying album."

Behind the scenes shots

Source of article: AllKPop
Photos by Top_Star_News
Credits to video: jk kim

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