Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Sooyoung's Charity Bazaar marks a success

It is previously announced, Sooyoung held a charity bazaar at Seoul Samcheong Heartist for the patients of Retinitis pigmentosa (RP).

Aside from the clothes and other personal belongings of Sooyoung, there are other celebrities who offered their help for this project. As reported, the bazaar achieved a total of KRW 25 (approx US$22,750) as of February 1st.

Here are some goods that are offered in the auction which is also she posted on her Instagram account.


From Sooyoung

From SHINee's Minho

From Super Junior's Donghae

From Super Junior's Siwon

From Girls' Generation's Tiffany

From the host Yoon Do Hyun

From Girls' Generation's Taeyeon

From Girls' Generation's Seohyun

From EXO's Xiumin

From EXO's Suho and Chen

With the help of other sponsors, Sooyoung successfully held the event. She also explains the meaning behind the event "Beaming Effect".

"The meaning of "Beaming effect" is..it's a phenomenon when a heavenly body that emits light like a star is approaching towards the earth, and the starlight becomes brighter, and when the heavenly body becomes more distant from the earth, the starlight becomes darker. The meaning is similar to when everyone gives help and interest it can brighten the lives of the people who are having difficulty through that bright energy. Because a lot more people came than I thought, it ended well with great success @amis_2013 who takes all the opportunities and progress, celebrity colleagues who donated their personal items, everyone who came to the ‪#‎Heartist‬ and donated through their purchases ! Today, for me you all were a heavenly body that shines brighter than a star‪#‎youwillbeblessed‬ #amis #pamoa #LLang #better&sweet #THAVMA #Lemasque"

Congratulations to Sooyoung and to other people who worked hard and supported this event.

Credits to the owners of the photos!

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