Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Seohyun on 'Gone with the Wind' Musical Press Call

On January 13th, Seohyun attended a press call held by the Korean “Gone with the Wind” adaptation for members of the media, where she performed scenes from her current musical.

The press call took place at the Seoul Arts Center Opera House, where the musical is now running.
Here are some posters from the Musical Show.

The idol who portrays Scarlet O’Hara does not hesitate to appear in a revealing dress.

In a scene, she looks beautiful and sexy when she was attired in a long green dress that revealed her shoulders and chest. She also wore a wide hat with matching ribbons.

The Girls’ Generation’s maknae acts with other actors and actresses, such as Joo Jinmo, Lee Michael, Kim Bokyung, dan Kim Beoprae. In the drama, she shares her role with senior Bada, a former member of SM Entertainment’s veteran idol group SES.

“Gone with the Wind” musical drama has started playing since January 9 and it will end on February 15 at Seoul Art Center Opera House. Its tickets have been on sale from November 13, 2014 on Interpark website.

Meanwhile, the rest of Girls' Generation cheers for their maknae as they send flower wreath.

"2015년・나물이 꽃되어 서칼렛으로 피어나는 시간
누군가 소녀시대의 미래를 묻거든 서현을 보게 하라"
"The hour when herbs bloom to a flower, into Seocarlet
when one asks of GGs future, let them look for Seohyun'

Watch the video clips from the show below

Credits to the owners of the photos!
Sources: Soshified; ttwigo; AllKPop
Credits to videos: (1) 정상윤; (2) krisbrows8; (3) 수원막걸리

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