Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Girls' Generation attends the Grand Opening of SMTOWN@coexartium

The lovely and beautiful ladies of Girls' Generation are present in the Grand Opening of SMTOWN@coexartium. 

Hyoyeon, Yuri, Sunny, and Tiffany smiles to the reporters as they join their SM labelmates to the opening of the SMTown Coexartium.
The four ladies represented Girls’ Generation on the red carpet, which also included guest appearances from Lee Sooman and S.M. Entertainment’s other artists and stars such as SHINee, f(x), EXO, and many more. Dressed in black and white, Sunny, Tiffany, Hyoyeon, and Yuri each smiled brightly and posed together for photos for press members and fans in attendance.

The SMTown Coexartium is not just a simple or ordinary pop-up store but will surely help fans interact with their respective SM artists/idols. From the agency's PR video, aside from the goods and merchandise that the fans can purchase, fans can also have a tour inside which includes recording studio, exhibits of their idols costumes, or have a sit on their cafe and lounge and experience what their idols are having for a day inside SMTown.

In addition, the Coexartium has a wide theater where fans can watch their upcoming musical shot in hologram entitled "Girl Story" and "School Oz".

Meanwhile, the Girls posed with their father Lee Soo Man right at the entrance of the Coexartium.

Attending the event were SM's chief producers and many of the artists like EXO, f(x)'s Sulli and Luna, Girls' Generation, and even INFINITE. First, Lee Soo Man stepped up onto the stage to welcome everybody in attendance.

He said, "I wondered how it would be to create an amusement park in the city. That's why the name is 'Theme Park in the City.' I think it might be something we need as a city in the future. This is SM's city theme park of which I had dreamt for a long time," and spoke of the goal to share a lot of the cultural contents. 

In addition, there were performances, such as Taeyeon's "If," Yuri's "Gee" dance, animation character Larva and EXO Sehun's performance, as well as a digest video of 'School Oz' shown via hologram.

Watch some clips from the grand opening and other news about the SMTown Coexartium.

Here are some photocards that fans can purchase!

Credits to the owners of the photos!
Source of articles: Soshified; AllKPop
Credits to videos: (1) 나하아티쿠 .; (2) 수원막걸리

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