Friday, January 09, 2015

Seohyun on 'Gone With The Wind' Musical 1st Curtain Call

Girls' Generation's Seohyun who is brimming with talent and beauty as she stood on the stage for the first curtain call of the musical "Gone With the Wind'.

Seohyun plays the role Scarlett O'Hara and share it with her senior Bada. This is Seohyun's second time to play in musical of which the first one is the "Moon Embracing the Sun".

She posted on her Instagram about the performance for that night saying, "the first performance of Gone With the Wind yesterday! to the people who came to preview yesterday~ thank you so so much^^ i will show a greater appearance for the remaining performances~! please come and watch a lot of themㅎ i hope all the actors in today's show do well and don't get hurt, hwaiting!!"

Fans also gave support to the maknae by giving flowers in which she also posed on her instagram as a sign of appreciation.

And this is Seohyun after the successful performance.

Watch the fan-taken videos taken from the performance

Credits to the owners of the photos!
Credits to videos: (1) GGu3net; (2) AEHEE JUNG

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