Friday, December 05, 2014


Happy Birthday to our dear Black Pearl, Kwon Yuri! She is now 25 years old (in Western but in Korea she's 26 years old).

She really has grown into a fine woman, and who would have thought that this is Yuri playing an older version of herself in a CF were in truth is she is just in her 2nd year high school (around 18 years old, I guess).

Some say that Yuri is bad at playing badminton but she is definitely not bad in posing for this CF (although this is not badminton raquet she's holding)

She definitely loves travelling. See her map in her room marked with pins indicating that she visited that country.

Some fans referred her image as 'sexy' and there is no doubt about it. But Yuri preferred to mix that image with her 'kkab' personality.

Yuri was once model as a 'oppa' but it seems that her fans can't get enough of her as they began to ship (pair) her with other members of SNSD.

As you will notice, she is also one of the members who are asked to pose in magazines.

She loves watching baseball. There was once she went her brother to see a baseball game. And although she wants to hide her presence in the audience some sharp-eyes fans still snaps a photo of her. How about a pitch coming form Yuri?

Yuri is cast to be one of the main character of the movie 'No Breathing'. Her role is a singer-lyricist of a band in her school. In real life, she actually wrote a couple of songs for the Girls' Generation's album and one of them is the song 'Mistake'.

Yuri is definitely a health enthusiast. Aside from coming to the gym and practicing yoga, she also love to ride her bicycle.

She loves coffee, tea, and also wine. Her posts on instagram showing her love for these beverages. I just remembered their debut song 'Into the New World' where Yuri is making coffee.

Yuri with Bekkah

Aside from her older brother, Yuri also loves being with her cousin and as well as with former After School member Bekkah.

Yuri with Shinee's Key

Yuri, in the Halloween Party of the SM Entertainment, wore a cat costume and is one of the hailed best dressed of that night.

Like the other members of SNSD who owns a dog, Yuri also owns a pomeranian and loves to cuddle her little guy and dress him. I feel for you Hani.

The fans in Beijing also greeted her an advance 'Happy Birthday' during their fan party in Beijing, China.

There are so many things to know about Yuri and you can follow her...
in Instagram: Yulyulk@Instagram
in Weibo at yulyulk1701903

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