Monday, December 22, 2014

Sooyoung accepted the 'Rice Bucket Challenge'

After the 'ALS ice bucket challenge' that promotes awareness and charity through donations from the participants, Sooyoung is once again accepted another challenge - the 'rice bucket challenge'. 

The rice bucket challenge started as a way to encourage charity for the poor and is originated in India. But unlike the ice bucket challenge, which requires the participant to dump a bucket of cold water over their head, the rice bucket challenge asks that participants simply donate a bucket of rice to somebody in need. It is described on its Facebook page as an "Indian version for Indian needs". (For more information please click the link here).

On the other hand, Sooyoung who is known for her charity works and philanthropic acts accepted the challenge and invites her co-Girls' Generation member Sunny & Hanbam (Night of TV Entertainment) co-host Yoon DoHyun to do the challenge next. 

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