Monday, December 22, 2014

Seohyun in 'Infinity Challenge' with S.E.S.

Although it was reported that Eugene won't be joining the S.E.S reunion on 'Infinity Challenge's year-end special due to her pregnancy, Seohyun will be taking care of the situation by coming out in place of Eugene on the show!

S.E.S members Bada and Shoo were guests during the episode and were preparing for an upcoming S.E.S 90s performance. As Eugene is currently pregnant, she was unable to join her fellow former members. At this, the 'Infinity Challenge' members suggested that they call Girls' Generation's Seohyun to ask her to take Eugene's place.

During the show, S.E.S member Shoo confessed that she didn't know who Seohyun was.

When Yoo Jae Suk added, "It's perfect because TaeTiSeo is promoting right now," she further expressed her confusion, saying, "Tae... You mean Seo Taiji?".
Her confusion amused all of the 'Infinity Challenge' members, and Jung Hyung Don told her, "Watch some TV!"

Bada then said, "You don't know Girls' Generation's maknae? She's the hoobae who's doing the musical with me," referring to their 'Gone with the Wind' musical. 

Shoo replied, "I don't know who Girls' Generation's maknae is. I didn't know [Bada] unni was doing a musical either," earning laughter from the set for her confused state. Shoo then commented, "You're saying she's an SM hoobae? Then that's fine," satisfied that they would be at least paired with someone from S.E.S's former label.

Watch their phone call with SeoHyun

Watch the full cut of the show

Here are other photos took by Bada (bada0228)

Source: AllKPop
Credits to videos (1) Kratos_sone; (2) 수원막걸리

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