Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Girls' Generation with 8 members Stands on Stage for 'GG The Best Live at Tokyo Dome'

Girls’ Generation’s eight members held their dream solo concert at Tokyo Dome last night, December 9. 

Taeyeon and her bandmates successfully attracted 50 thousand SONEs at the emotional concert that lasted for 2.5 hours.

At the concert that was titled “Girls Generation The Best Live At Tokyo Dome”, the idols performed around 31 songs. The girl group that is under the management of SM Entertainment started the concert with upbeat song “Flower Power”, and moved fans with their latest ballad “Indestructible”.

The idols were deeply moved by the giant stage, flying balloons, and thousand of fans packing the venue. Tiffany could not even hold back her tears when singing “Divine”.

“We’ve always dream about Tokyo Dome concert since my debut, and I think it’s like a gift from our fans. Thank you for love and support from SONE, we will continue to grow together,” Girls’ Generation stated.

The girls practiced the last two months for this concert, reportedly more so than usual so that their fans would not feel the gap left by Jessica or the awkwardness of seeing the modified group. Their first Tokyo Dome concert will be broadcast through Wowow Prime on December 28.

In addition, the girls revealed that they will be releasing their first single as an 8-member group in Japan early next year!

Source of articles: ttwigo; AllKPop
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