Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Girls' Generation The Best Live at Tokyo Dome

Even though there is a tight security in the venue and it is strictly prohibited to carry cameras in the concert venue, some brave SONEs were able to capture the performances of the Girls. Some are even reported to have kicked out of the venue but others are risking themselves just to capture and share the videos to the other SONEs who didn't make it to the much awaited concert.

Apparently, on December 28 the WOWOW released the official videos for the 'Girls' Generation 'THE BEST LIVE' at Tokyo Dome'
These are the video collection of the performance of the 'Girls' Generation The Best Live at Tokyo Dome'. Full credits are given to the owners/uploaders of the video/s used and these videos might be taken down by YT so better watch it if you have spare time.

Full FanCams

Full video by WOWOW

Set list for GG The Best Live At Tokyo Dome

-Opening VCR

1. Flower Power

2. Motorcycle

3. Mr.Taxi

-VCR 2

4. Galaxy Supernova

Talk 1

5. Mr.Mr.

-VCR 3
6. Karma Butterfly

7. The Grate Escape

8. Animal
9. Hoot

-VCR 4
10. Run Devil Run

11. T.O.P
12. The Boys
13. Reflection

-VCR 5
14. Genie

15. Bad Girl

-VCR 6
16. Divine

Talk 2
17. Indestructible

-VCR 7
18. Show Girls

20. Chain Reaction

-VCR 8
21. My Oh My

22. Kissing You

23. Flyers

24. Love & Girls

25. Blue Jeans

26. Gee


27. Not Alone

28. 다시만난세계 (Ballad Ver.)

29. I Got A Boy

30. Do The Catwalk


31. All My Love Is For You

Credits to videos: SooyoungUnnie101; mo yuna 05; supin2402; i Love SNSD; Hello Star; Jessica fan; bestiz 베스티즈; All About Of K-pop
Full videos by AlwaysSJH; Ryan TV

See photos GG The Best Live at Tokyo Dome

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