Monday, October 06, 2014

OnStyle THE TaeTiSeo Ep 05

The 5th episode on the 30th will take viewers on TaeTiSeo's trip to New York. With this one-episode extension and they also celebrates their first win for the "Holler" song.

OnStyle has announced that TaeTiSeo's reality show 'THE TaeTiSeo' has been extended by one episode!

Watch the Episode 5 here!
The show's rep told OSEN on September 30, "'THE TaeTiSeo', which was initially set for 6 episodes, has been extended by 1 episode for a total of 7 episodes. The finale will be in a different format [compared to that of the previous episodes]... The viewers' response to the program has been very good, and because the viewer ratings are doing well, we've decided to extend it after deliberation."

Hence, 'THE TaeTiSeo' will end on October 14.

Source: AllKPop

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