Wednesday, September 24, 2014

OnStyle THE TaeTiSeo Ep 04

Another episode of 'THE TaeTiSeo' aired on September 23, starring the gorgeous members of TaeTiSeo as they share stories about their preparations and more.

At one point, the girls revealed their practice room as they prepared for their 'Holler' comeback! As the choreography involved a lot of kicking, Tiffany stated, "My leg does not go as far up as it used to in the past," showing concern. Despite the difficult dance practice, none of the girls showed any signs of fatigue.

When they heard during practice that their pre-release track topped the music charts, Taeyeon said happily, "Thank you. Even though it's a regular track, not the title." As the girls got ready for the showcase, Seohyun said, "I think of my training days when you say showcase. My first stage was the showcase as I dreamed about my debut."

After their dance practice, Seohyun said, "When Taeyeon dances, the feeling is really good, so I want to learn from her." Regarding Tiffany, Seohyun said with cute envy, "She's overflowing with energy."

Tiffany stated in regards to the album preparation, "We prepared for a long time for TaeTiSeo's second album. We really prepared for it like we were filming a movie as we looked over every single outfit with the art team. Because this is now our product to us."

Taeyeon said on the show, "Honestly, out of the accessories, I hate rings the most. I need to use my hands in the choreography, but [the rings] get in the way. To tell the truth, my fingers are not pretty when compared to other people's. They look a bit strong," revealing them to be her complex. 

In addition, she suffered injuries on her toenails while dancing in sharply pointed shoes during the MV filming. She said, "Right now, the pedicure attached to my big toenail has fallen off. I don't know how many times this happened."

Seohyun showed concern as she looked at Taeyeon's feet. She said sadly, "I think it's cause the front of your heels is pointed."

Source: AllKPop

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