Sunday, March 09, 2014

Girls' Generation received 1st place on their first day of comeback

Girls' Generation has unfolded their full choreography of 'Mr.Mr' for the first time through their comeback with a new dimension of outstanding level. The girls appeared on 'M!Countdown' at 18:00 sharp with an attractive outfit.

Girls' Generation opened their performance with 'Wait a Minute/웨이트 어 미닛', which is in their 4th mini album. There is a combination of an appealing look embroidered by leather skirts and polka dots shirts and the girls' intention of giving their best for the fans. Also, the fresh and adorable dance moves of bunny ears imitation brought a total new atmosphere of happiness.

Subsequently, black and white outfits decorated the stage with 'Mr.Mr.' Their choreography always show a charisma through strong and repetitive dance moves. Jeans and white shirt centered the stage and enhanced by the attractive dance moves.


Girls' Generation proudly received the first cup from M!Countdown for 'Mr.Mr' amongs the cheers and happiness of the fans. Seohyun spoke on the behalf of the group, "There have been up and down during the preparation of 'Mr.Mr', but we want to give thanks to all the fans for anticipating it in such a long and giving us love continously. We will reply by bringing better music and stages. We love you, fans! Thank you!"

Source: OSEN1, OSEN2
Translation: totoropieater @TheSoneSource

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