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Hyoyeon on Dancing With the Stars 2 (Episodes)

On March 25, 2012, it was revealed that Hyoyeon would be making an appearance on the second season of Dancing with the Stars. Hyoyeon joined the cast of MBC‘s Dancing with the Stars season 2, which aired its first episode on April 27 (2012). Hyoyeon and her partner, Kim Hyung-suk, ended up winning second place (Wikipedia). 

Dancing with the Stars (댄싱 위드 더 스타) started to air on MBC TV on June 10, 2011. Meanwhile, the Season 2 of the said show is hosted by Lee Deok-hwa and  former Season 1 contestant Kim Gyu-ri. The second season was won by Choi Yeo-jin and her partner Park Ji-woo (Wikipedia).

**It is hard looking for the complete list of the episodes of DWTS because of the grounds and ownership that MBC protected. Therefore, what I only found are some clips and cuts from the Season 2 where only Hyoyeon and her partner performs. Also, there are some videos that are not ENG SUB or subbed in other language, so if you want to watch, please bear with it :P

Enjoy Hyoyeon and Hyungsuk's performances!!!

The Premiere (the awkward yet cute first meeting and the buing buing couple/bunny couple)

 From http://www.allkpop.com

Credits to Tsarey Cimarra

Episode 1 - Tango (Vietsub) Song: Hotel California

Credits to migodey

Episode 2 - Jive (VietSub) Song: Love Potion No.9

Credits to sauancam2

Episode 3 - Tango (EngSub) Song: Toxic
(Tiffany, co-member of Girls' Generation watched in the audience)
This is the dance that gave them their first win!

Watch in Dailymotion

Episode 4 - Rumba (EngSub) Song: Lonely

Watch in Dailymotion

Episode 5 - Jive (EngSub) Song: Da Doo Ron Ron
(Seohyun came to cheer for her unnie)

Watch in Dailymotion

Episode 6 - Cha Cha Cha (EngSub) Song: Can't Fight the Moonlight
(Sunny and YoonA came to support)

 Watch in Dailymotion

Episode 7 - Samba (EngSub) Song: Jambalaya
(Jessica also paid a visit)

Watch in Dailymotion

Episode 8 - Cha Cha Cha (EngSub) Song: Get Up Offa That Thing
(Their second win for the show)

Watch in Dailymotion

Episode 9 - Fox-trot and Paso Doble (EngSub) Song: Kokomo

Watch in Dailymotion

Episode 10 - Quickstep (EngSub) Song: Englishman in New York
and Jive Song: Honey Honey 

Watch in Dailymotion 

Episode 11 (Semi-Finals/No Sub) - Rock and Roll Music
and Way Back into Love sang by Luna of f(x)

(Taeyeon, Tiffany and Yuri also came to watch) 

Watch in Dailymotion 

Finals: Paso Doble Song: 'Espana Cani' 

Watch in Dailymotion

and Cha Cha Cha Song: 'Hush Hush'
(SeoHyun and YoonA came to watch)

Watch in Dailymotion

Hyoyeon and Hyungsuk were ended secondly because of the number of votes from the audiences. The two competitors both received 29 points from their respective performances.

Still, you're our Dancing Queen!
Here is the Compilation of her Performances

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