Saturday, January 11, 2014

SeoHyun's Messages (2014 Compilation)

Before taking the world of Twitter and Instagram, Seohyun usually posts her messages to the fans with the help of SMTown, SONE+, and UFO. So here are some photos and messages she relayed to the fans.

Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+.
It's Seohyun!

Happy New Year!! 2014 has started.
Everyone, what do you want to do this year~?
Since this year we have a tour, I think we can meet many of you so
 I'm very excited ♪

I recently saw the musical 'Wicked' ^^
In Korea I'm trying out acting in a musical for the first time,
so I'm learning a lot and trying my best!

Everyone please give your regards to Girls' Generation in 2014~ ♡

"Hello everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's Seohyun!
The sakura flowers are blooming beautifully, everyone did you see them?
We are in the middle of preparing very hard for the tour from our
activities in Korea right now!!
Very soon we will be able to spend fun times again with everyone~^^

Please listen to the album and come prepared!!"


Long time no see, everyone in SONE PLUS+. It's the maknae, Seohyun♥

Recently in Korea, I've been busy with TTS activities,
but I want to meet you all soon and get a lot of energy.

Holler!! Have you all checked it out? I think it'd be great if TTS could
show wonderful performances and stages even in Japan.

It's almost SMTown♪ It's the first time we'll perform in Ajinomoto
Stadium. I heard it's a very large place. I'm worried that fans will have
a hard time to see from faraway, but I'll try even harder and want to
 have a wonderful performance, so please give your support.
Also, I'm looking forward to the pink ocean ^^

Everyone, it's gotten cold so please be careful not to catch a cold ^^

Credits to SM Entertainment; SNSD Japan; SONE+
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