Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Jessica 'Miss Korea' exceptionally took off her skirt in surprises

On 22nd December, each members of Girls' Generation brought their own hidden talents with surprising performances. They all showed their different personalities through their presented songs' spirits, instruments, vocals and choreography.

Jessica's 'Miss Korea' performance with her swimsuit outfit, was brilliantly shine on the stage. Jessica wore a long dress in the early minutes of the song, then switch to her swimsuit outfit after the light went off. This outfit revealed her S-Line and Jessica's perfect body. This definitely something that we have never seen from Jessica.

The netizens went chaos, commenting and complimenting her gorgeous S-Line and perfect body. They also gave her 'Miss Korea' title with lot of positive responds.

Source: Chosun
Translation: totoropie @TheSoneSource

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